Training & Coaching that's got YOU covered

My services are thoughtfully designed to support you on your life adventure. I provide a three-pronged approach to meet your needs, with each prong dedicated to a particular aspect and delivery of life or business development. 


Free Initial Consultation (20 mins)

A free chat to introduce ourselves and explore your options

It is important to make sure you have the right support behind you when making life changes, and so I offer a free 25 minute consultation prior to signing up to anything. This way you get to meet me and we can make sure that you are confident you are going to get the best service and guidance from the beginning.

Business Planning Workshops

Laying solid foundations

These are one hour immersive online sessions held in a small  online group setting.

Designed so you can practically apply what you learn immediately, they are a great way to build your business brain.

  • Following the flow of a business plan, this is a step by step process to ensure you don't miss anything.

  • Includes relevant information on legal requirements, brand, typical customer, marketing and financials.

  • Interactive learning to ensure you really absorb the content.

  • All resources such as business plan, guide book and handouts are provided.

Business Planning & Personal Development Coaching 

1-2-1 Tailored  Support

Gain clarity  with 1-2-1 support. From diving into creating business plans to working through mental barriers - business and personal development coaching is worth its weight in gold. It can save you time, money and get you trading even sooner. Or just stepping into the life that brings you fulfilment.


With a robust plan in place and someone in your corner you can really begin to feel excited to get tackling you dreams.

This is where you really begin to #buildyourownfuture

Resilience Foundation Training

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life is a wonderful, colourful, exciting, stressful and unsettling place to be at times. It really is a contradiction in terms! We each face challenging times with transitions, time away from our families, the stresses of balancing it all, or losing your sense of self and purpose  can have a huge impact mentally. Add into that the external stress of global warming, an overly connected world and a global sense of unease, and it's no wonder we can feel overwhelmed.

Exploring Resilience allows you to develop evidence based techniques and skills to help you through times of stress in a positive and forward focused manner.

This service is a favourite among many of my clients, we need to invest in ourselves to build a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the proven tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and purposeful life.  you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. 

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Kieran Heinich - Managing Director & Founder
Bulldog Gear Ltd

 I highly recommend Lucie's services. As a fledgling business it was imperative that I critically analysed the current market and created a financial forecast in order to receive start-up funding and ensure that the business had the strongest foundation possible on which to grow. 7 years on, the original business plan is still in full swing and I regularly utilise the critical thinking and analysis techniques taught to me by Lucienne in order to forecast and assess our companies position in the market.

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