What is Resilience?

Plainly put - resilience is our ability to 'bounce' back from periods of adversity and challenge. 

When faced with life upheaval, natural disasters, stress at work or school, health concern, difficulties within relationships, resilience is what enables us to respond well to stress and recover in a more positive and forward focused manner, leaving us feeling stronger and better equipped to cope like never before. 

The great news about resiliency is that it is something that CAN be developed - think of it like a muscle, that with practise and regular exercise we can become more able to deal with and respond well to the rigours of life.

                                                                                   We all have the ability to change. 

Developing our innate resilience levels enable us to think flexibly, problem solve effectively,  respond positively and take control of our life direction in a way that cultivates meaning and purpose.  Embedding resilience means  working in alignment and understanding of your mind, body  connection. Utlizing this knowledge through evidence based tools and techniques to  perform at the highest level in a manner which is beneficial and gentle, and not detrimental to our mental health and life ambitions.   

Resilience is the tool for leaders, teams,educators, parents, children - everybody.It is fast becoming prevalent in business, education and the military and for good reasons. Laying resilience foundations gives us mental health tools that last a life time.  

This is the begining on a new wave of personal development and mental health growth.Resilience is much more thatn our ability to bounce - it is understanding and mastering our innate ability to grow  tthe ripples of which will touch will every cross section of society.

Resilience can be applied to various settings

Personal Resilience

Laying solid foundations

Building our personal resilience is more than learning how to respond well in times of  stress. It is educating yourself in a fashion that empowers you to uncover and develop your own resilience. Embracing your strengths and having a clear understanding of what's been holding you back, alongside the tools needed to move towards your purposeful life. 

Resilience in the workplace

Creating a purposeful team

Modern work is increasingly a breading ground for stress depression and anxiety. Building resilience practise into your work place helps to create a team which is;

- More determined, focused and goal orientated

- Mentally robust and able to with stand the ups and downs of modern business

- Forward thinking and positive in mindset

- Able to perform well under pressure

- Better equipped to deal with mental strain

Translating to less sick days and a more  adaptable, focused and purposeful team.


Resilience SOS

Resilience when you really need it

For times when life deals us hands that we feel totally unprepared for, divorce, death of loved ones, redundancy, natural disasters and disease. We often feel shaken to our core. Unsure how to respond or how you will ever move forward. 

Emergency Resilience gives you your power back. Insights from neuroscience about the stress response, our brains ability to change  and a deep understanding of the 'resilience zone' coupled with practical  strategies and techniques will help you regain control. Finding a positive path forward.

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