We Welcome Our Military Family

As a military spouse, I understand Forces life...

...it  can be a wonderful, colourful, and exciting place. The opportunities to travel and explore the world, try new things and start new adventures. Pop up communities and time making new friends.

On the flip side it can also be stressful and unsettling place to find yourself.  Transitions, time away from our loved one, balancing it all, being alone, being  both mum and dad, living from boxes, being your own support system, never laying roots, waiting for tomorrow to begin your own chapter, finding it difficult to get a job (don't ask for a career).

Supporting those who serve is a real roller coaster.

For those who currently serve or have served it can be difficult to commit to thinking ahead.


Whether you are unsure of your next move or missing your family and home, missing your children grow and the friends nights out. 


Getting hold of accessible support and guidance to help you plan ahead can be very difficult to find. 

constructively filling time when deployed

on call 24 hours

unable to make long-term plans

preparing to leave the military

transition to civilian life

transfer skills

accessing appropriate training

last-minute postings

I proudly signed the Armed Forces Covenant to recognise and support what the entire military family gives on a daily basis.


I want to support my community by giving them access to my services, handing back the power so that they can #buildtheirownfuture on their own terms to their own timescales. No more waiting for tomorrow to live the life you dream off. 


Whether it is Business training that sympathetically fits your schedule, Business coaching to be the support that you need, or 1-2-1 practical NLP based life coaching to work with you through periods of transition and change.


Giving you your power back. I offer you the opportunity to make the change, and at a discounted rate to thank you for all that you do.

Now, let's start a revolution.

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Kieran Heinich - Managing Director & Founder
Bulldog Gear Ltd

 I highly recommend Lucie's services. As a fledgling business it was imperative that I critically analysed the current market and created a financial forecast in order to receive start-up funding and ensure that the business had the strongest foundation possible on which to grow. 7 years on, the original business plan is still in full swing and I regularly utilise the critical thinking and analysis techniques taught to me by Lucienne in order to forecast and assess our companies position in the market.

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