What I Do...

"I'm passionate about helping people lay the right foundations for a life lived on their own terms.' 

My focus is to give practical, supportive, and comprehensive guidance to start ups in a format that fits you.

We know that modern life is no longer a 9-5 and that we are all living frantic, fast-paced lives. A revolving door of home, work, family and friends, which leaves us feeling overworked and stressed. We recognise the nagging pull to create a life that gives us the freedom and space to live our lives on the terms we set for ourselves. The desire to be engaged in a career that we are truly passionate about is hindered by a high level of exhaustion combined with an overwhelming scale of accessible information, we give up before we even begin.


This is why I developed a business that gives the control back to you. My mission is to empower you through a combination of structured, business start-up masterclasses, Resilience Training Workshops,  targeted business and evidence based  based personal development coaching which is all done on your terms. With ten years of training and coaching experience, I am able to deliver to you the practical, applicable information that is needed to springboard you to a fulfilled future. 

A focused, balanced and contented individual is the corner-stone of healthy business, as a business is more than strategy and logistics. It is the individual first.


So if you find yourself:

  • Frustrated that you aren't fulfilling the life that you know you are supposed to.

  • Rushing from one thing to the next.

  • Time poor.

  • Rurally Isolated.

  • Unable to access the support you crave to help you get started.

  • Being led by life (children, jobs etc...)

  • Exhausted trying to figure out where to start.

  • Annoyed that you can't find clear, practical help and support to set you on your way. 

  • Confused but purposeful.

  • Wanting to build a business on solid foundations.

  • Ready for change.

And you want:


  • Clear, concise help, information and support to get started.

  • Support and strategy.

  • An understanding of how a successful business works, and how to plan for success.

  • Knowledge on finding customers, marketing, brand, how to put together financials and forecasts.

  • Bite size masterclasses to  fit with your schedule.

  • Interactive  learning experience.

  • The knowledge and skills to take away and immediately apply to your own business

  • Solid foundations, using the same structure as banks’ lending policy for business viability.

  • Proven tools to develop your mindset.


Then get in touch and book a free consultation to discuss your needs, or jump straight in by downloading a FREE business plan and guide book and jumping onto a complimentary business planning masterclass.


It's time to #buildyourownfuture

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Kieran Heinich - Managing Director & Founder
Bulldog Gear Ltd

 I highly recommend Lucie's services. As a fledgling business it was imperative that I critically analysed the current market and created a financial forecast in order to receive start-up funding and ensure that the business had the strongest foundation possible on which to grow. 7 years on, the original business plan is still in full swing and I regularly utilise the critical thinking and analysis techniques taught to me by Lucienne in order to forecast and assess our companies position in the market.

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